The Inter Gold


We have accepted this challenge, that only 1-2 percent success is achieved in network marketing and people get tired, we have decided to change this equation and we are working continuously to take it to 90%. We are young and worked for two decades in three products based on Indian Direct Selling companies. As leaders both become ordinary to extraordinary because we are self-made professional networkers. Direct selling has become an extremely popular sales model across India in the last two decades and we are passionate to work for this industry.

We have seen women work very hard in this business and they are continuously associated with this business for a very long time, we want women in network marketing to be given the respect and status that they deserve.

We were very much worried about youth and especially women empowerment and talented people are not getting success. We repeatedly hear success in the Direct Selling industry is too difficult, but that’s not true. So, we started thinking of on it, we came upon the best source and proven time tested distribution system, duly supported by the immense resources our groups of leaders. TIG is here to enlarge your vision and help you to the best of your capabilities and bring your dream life We are determined to give dream life of the youth of the Nation to gainful employment by bringing them together under the umbrella ofintergold creations private limited

Our aim is to provide quality products at an affordable cost and means of livelihood and extra income.